The lube that performs for all riders!

A natural lanolin based biolubricant, its formulation penetrates deep into the chain for smooth operation, superior corrosion resistance, and enhanced life.

  • One lube for wet & dry conditions
  • Biodegradable
  • Outstanding longevity
  • Low friction
  • Race proven by world champion riders
  • Chain guide cap
  • Super smooth and quiet


What is Biomaxa Biolubricant?

Our lubricant is formulated with a mix of lanolin and plant oils with a carrier and other functional ingredients. Our lube is
the world’s first dedicated bicycle lubricant made from lanolin. Lanolin is a wax extracted from sheeps wool and is 100% biodegradable and natural. It is applied to the bicycle chain in liquid form, but then sets up as a wax biofilm on the chain. This not only lubricates but it also protects the chain.

Biomaxa Biolubricant Unique Selling Points

Our lube is unique. It is a true multi-purpose lube that excels in dry weather as well as wet. Being wax, it is not dirty
& messy and the dust doesn’t stick to it. But it does adhere to the chain tenaciously, therefore protecting the chain in harsh, wet and muddy conditions. You do not need to apply Biomaxa after every ride. Depending on conditions, typically it will last 5-6hrs MTB riding or 11-12hrs on the road. It runs smooth & quiet providing a low friction, high efficiency ride whatever the conditions. When applied correctly the only thing on the chain when riding is the Lanolin and plant oils. It is an environmentally clean solution and safe when crossing waterways or rivers.

Who can use Biomaxa Biolubricant?

The lube and our bottle appeal to different people in different ways. Road cyclists, track racers and triathletes love the smooth and fast feel and the high efficiency. Urban commuters love the all weather protection, and the fact it is made with a natural product – lanolin. Mountain bikers, downhillers and enduro riders love the one lube for all conditions, the natural products on the chain whilst in the wilderness, and of course, the longevity. Cyclocross riders like the efficiency and speed tied to the performance in extreme conditions. BMX riders love the duration between lubes combined with the smoothness and speed, whereas cycle tourists love the natural product tied to the all weather protection. It really is a lube that performs for all riders.

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