Odin Woods

Odin Woods

Still fuelled with adrenalin and the rush of racing at Wairoa Gorge for the Dodzy Memorial Enduro, myself and 23 others headed to Wakamarina, a name in itself that gets any mountain biker fizzing. As we pulled in to Butchers Flat camp area the unusual sight of a Hughes 500D helicopter parked amongst the natives got us all A LOT more excited. Our destination for day four of riding – Mount Royal. Bikes loaded, grins on faces, we jumped in the chopper and headed for the summit.

With gear unloaded and everyone good to go, we pointed our bikes down, picking lines wisely across the scree and making our way to the tree line. With 45 minutes of descent, slashing turns through Beech leaves and dropping down some of the most technical root lines you could get a bike over; we make it to Devils Creek. After a quick bite to eat and regroup we start the 30 minute ride up and back to Butchers Flat. $100 well spent I think. – Odin Woods

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